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Advantages of Using Aluminium Collapsible Tubes

Aluminium collapsible tubes for packaging are generally of the laminated variety that coated in the inside of the tube as well with a lacquer substance that stays neutral and in fact adds extra life to the contents that are packed inside.

On the outer surface, these aluminium collapsible tubes have a glossy and smooth finish and have the ability to restrict the entry of dust, moisture and other toxic gases present in the air that can change the nature of the product in more ways than one. In fact, these tubes will also keep unwanted odours and flavours or fragrances out.

The Nature of the Aluminium Collapsible Tubes


Aluminium Tubes has the special property of remaining neutral or inactive when it comes in contact with or other products. It is for this reason that it is one of the most preferred metals that are used in the manufacture of tubes that are used to pack sensitive materials. Besides, this protection is offered over long durations of time.

Aluminium coin shaped rings are first cold rolled and extruded to form a hollow tube or sleeve of the required diameter; it is then cut to the size needed and sealed at one end after the filling process and then folded several times to form a good seal. It is then that a head and shoulders are added at the other end which can be threaded to screw on a cap or a closure if required.

The products are practically germ free during the filling process as the prevailing temperatures at that time are fairly high. There can be unlimited printing designs possible on the outer surface, not only to mention the contents of the Collapsible Aluminium Tube, but to also make them as attractive as possible for effective marketing.

The Special Advantages
Aluminum Tubes

The contents packed in the tube can be easily accessed by merely squeezing the tube. Another important feature is that wastage is eliminated by being able to squeeze the exact amount of material needed. Aluminium Collapsible Tubes are also known to be able to resist the absorption of oxygen that brings along with it several contaminants. It is for this factor that perishable goods, especially,  products are preferably packed in these aluminium collapsible tubes. Also, the possibility of coating the internal surfaces with a suitable lacquer adds to the life of the contents.


Aluminum Tubes Manufacturers – How Do They Join Aluminum Tubing?

Durable and lightweight, aluminum tubing precisely forms the base for various items, including commercial airliners and performance bicycles. It also forms the powerful vacuum lines in vehicles and several industrial devices. Collapsible aluminum tubes easily accept and dissipate heat rapidly, making it an extremely good electrical conductor. Aluminum tubing is welded through a huge welding process known as soldering. All the aluminum tubes manufacturers around the world manufacture high end aluminum tubes for the purpose of meeting the increasing demand of these products in the packaging industry.

Collapsible Aluminum Tubes Manufacturers
Collapsible Aluminum Tubes Manufacturers create aluminum tubes of different shapes and sizes, which are then used by different industries, including pharmaceutical and oral care industries.

How do manufacturers weld aluminum tubes for enhancing their functionality?

1. The first step involves measuring and cutting the aluminum tubes to the given length with a hack or chop saw.

2. Once the depth in all the joints becomes quite evident, all kinds of dull edges are properly sharpened and smoothened.

3. Now, all the joints are pressed hard for a few seconds so that the desired shape can be easily formed.

Aluminum Tubes ManufacturersAluminum tubing can be easily twisted, shaped, bent and cut for various applications. It is durable and resistant to really bad weather conditions, which makes it the best form of aluminum tubing for various applications, including the packaging industry. High end Aluminum Tubes Manufacturers across the world produces exceptional aluminum tubes that have excellent barrier properties. With the right materials used in their creation, these tubes have become the perfect choice for keeping the shelf life of various types of products intact. Several ointments, medicines and oral health care products remain intact in these types of tubes. So, it can be easily said that aluminum tube manufacturers contribute heavily towards the packaging industry.
Another major reason why these tubes are so popular around the world is that they offer great features that even metal and plastic tubes are unable to offer. These kinds of packaging tubes are manufactured after complying with the established quality standards. One of the significant reasons behind the rapid growth in the demand of these aluminum tubes is that several manufacturers offer customized and specialized laminated tubes to business owners so that they can easily fulfill the packaging needs.

More and more manufacturers are entering the industry and offering high end aluminum tubes. This is the major reason why the packaging industry is also flourishing day by day.

Collapsible Aluminum tubes: A safer way to preserve medicines

The utilization of modern science, in all the aspects of human life is not unseen rather; we people have become greatly dependant on the modern science in order to make our lives more comfortable by all means. Have a look at anywhere, you will find the presence of science and technology. You may take the example of as little as a needle to as big as an airplane; people have learnt how to invent new things in an effort to make life convenient.

Have a look at your house, you will find plenty of things that we often don’t even consider to be important in our lives but, those are also the creative inventions of science. We can certainly take the example of the aluminum tubes that are present in every house. Go back around 20-30 years back, these things were not there at that time which means, people felt the necessity of these tubes and that’s why they invented the way to produce them. If you are still confused about the exact uses of these tubes, here are few for you; these tubes are used for home based items like: creams, shoe-polish, mosquito repellent creams etc. and you will find their utilization in toiletry and cosmetics as well such as; toothpaste, shaving cream, cosmetics etc.

Aluminum TubesFurthermore, if we study their uses on the basis of industry, it would be easily findable that collapsible aluminum tubes have large application in pharmaceutical industry as different types of medicines are now packaged in these tubes. On trying to find out the reason behind this, we have come to know the multiple effective sides of these tubes. It is worthy as well to have a look at these beneficial aspects; these tubes actually cause no chemical reaction with the substances inside them and this is one of the important reasons why these tubes are so much appreciated in the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from that, the tubes can tolerate a significant change in the temperature which helps to maintain the state of the substance in different weather conditions.

Aluminium-Tubing-3A21-2A11-We also cannot ignore some other beneficial aspects of these collapsible aluminum tubes such as; these tubes are damage proof so the substance is perfectly protected inside. Besides, these tubes are non-toxic, hygienic, non-absorbent and impart no taste and all these qualities together make it a significant product to contain semi-solid products. Being light weight is another advantage of these useful tubes which makes them preferable for transportation need as well.

The utilization of laminated tubes for ointments proves to be the best

In the present age of modernization, business concept has changed a lot and every company has turned their prime focus on the promotional activities. Presently, there is a cut throat competition in the market and the companies are leaving no stones unturned to achieve higher success. The producers are now paying sincere attention to the size, shape and packaging of their products. Packaging has now become an important part of business promotion.

The companies are not reluctant anymore to invest on the machinery that is capable of delivering attractive packaging. The introduction of aluminum tubes has really caused revolutionary changes to the packaging industry. Nowadays, you will find these tubes in everywhere. Every house hold goods are now packed in these tubes and that obviously have some valid reasons. Laminated machines are mostly used to produce these aluminum tubes.

There are plenty of reasons to use these laminated tubes for ointments or for any material. Firstly, these tubes are created with laminate which possess different layers of various materials along with a layer of alumina with specific thickness. The prime reason of preferring these tubes is their longevity. The tubes don’t get damaged in different types of weather conditions as well. They can bear heat, they can tolerate pressure and that’s why the material inside (ointment, liquid, cream etc.) remains safe in different weather conditions. Furthermore, the aluminum tube doesn’t cause any chemical reaction coming in contact with anything. Apart from that, different types and shapes of these laminated tubes can also be made available to render the customer purposes.This is why these customized tubes are vastly used for the packaging of all types of semi-solid preparations such as; creams, lotions, gels etc.

laminated tubes for ointmentsA massive application of these tubes can be seen in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry because the products of such industries are mostly semi-solid preparations and need to be kept in a dry and non-reacting place. The interesting part of these Aluminium tubes for ointments is that they feel like plastics and they act as barrier for moisture and humidity, present in the air and this makes the products safe which is stored inside.

Aluminium tubes for ointmentsPreviously, aluminum tube manufacturing machines were not available in India and those need to be imported from other countries that used to raise the production cost of these laminated tubes for ointment quite high. But now, these machines are manufactured in India and those are not need to be imported at higher prices from other countries.