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Advantages of Using Aluminium Collapsible Tubes

Aluminium collapsible tubes for packaging are generally of the laminated variety that coated in the inside of the tube as well with a lacquer substance that stays neutral and in fact adds extra life to the contents that are packed inside.

On the outer surface, these aluminium collapsible tubes have a glossy and smooth finish and have the ability to restrict the entry of dust, moisture and other toxic gases present in the air that can change the nature of the product in more ways than one. In fact, these tubes will also keep unwanted odours and flavours or fragrances out.

The Nature of the Aluminium Collapsible Tubes


Aluminium Tubes has the special property of remaining neutral or inactive when it comes in contact with or other products. It is for this reason that it is one of the most preferred metals that are used in the manufacture of tubes that are used to pack sensitive materials. Besides, this protection is offered over long durations of time.

Aluminium coin shaped rings are first cold rolled and extruded to form a hollow tube or sleeve of the required diameter; it is then cut to the size needed and sealed at one end after the filling process and then folded several times to form a good seal. It is then that a head and shoulders are added at the other end which can be threaded to screw on a cap or a closure if required.

The products are practically germ free during the filling process as the prevailing temperatures at that time are fairly high. There can be unlimited printing designs possible on the outer surface, not only to mention the contents of the Collapsible Aluminium Tube, but to also make them as attractive as possible for effective marketing.

The Special Advantages
Aluminum Tubes

The contents packed in the tube can be easily accessed by merely squeezing the tube. Another important feature is that wastage is eliminated by being able to squeeze the exact amount of material needed. Aluminium Collapsible Tubes are also known to be able to resist the absorption of oxygen that brings along with it several contaminants. It is for this factor that perishable goods, especially,  products are preferably packed in these aluminium collapsible tubes. Also, the possibility of coating the internal surfaces with a suitable lacquer adds to the life of the contents.